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Here is where you will share the story behind the production and any interesting quotes, details, or fun bits of information that a person might like to hear in a conversation about the event. This is not a good place to add dull, emotionless information, but rather to make it anecdotal and light-hearted.

You have a good amount of room to write here, so be creative with your writing. You can share how the production came about, what the client hopes to accomplish, any interesting figures regarding fundraising, following up with the subject of the video if it's a documentary-style production, or anything else that seems appropriate to put here.

At the bottom, you can include a Thank-You section for anyone special who was involved with the production or who helped BystromVideo accomplish it in any way - catering companies, research teams, friends and family, etc.


Client Name/Company/City, ST


Kind of production, list, of, notable, gear, used, for, production


Crew Names, Of People, That Worked, On Production, With You, Including Yourself


Photgrapher Name, Company If Appropriate

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